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  1. Excel Spreadsheet from a Quicken Report [Quicken 2007]
  2. A spreadsheet with an Index in it.  ( Just click the link.


Excel Spreadsheet from a Quicken Report
[Quicken 2007]

------------------------- Generate the Report -------------------------
1/ Open Quicken.
2/ Open the Report in Quicken that you want in Excel.
3/ Click 'Export Data' (top of Window).
4/ Click 'Report to Excel Compatable Format'.
5/ Using 'Look in:' navigate to the desktop (top entry in the list).
6/ in 'File name' enter a file name.
7/ Click 'Open'.
8/ The report will now be on the Desktop AS A TEXT file.

------------------------- Convert the Report -------------------------
9/ Launch Excel.
10/ Click File >>> Open.
11/ Look in: Desktop.
12/ Files of type: text File.
13/ Click on the text file you created in 6 & 7 above.

14/ Click Open.
15/ Click Next.
16/ Click Next.
17/ Click Finish.
18/ Format the sheet as is your wish! (or just leave it!).

19/ Click File >>> Save As.
20/ Enter a file name.
21/ Save as type: Microsoft Excel Workbook.
22/ Click Save.

Download text file here

Excel Spreadsheet With an Index in it.

A spreadsheet with an Index in it.  (

  1. Just click the link, adn download each sheet.
  2. If you have Google Mail (Gmail), and can use Google Documents then click here for the spreadsheet
  3. Download the spreadsheet from here (Warning this may not be the most upto date version)
  4. Email me at and I will email it to you.



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